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Crowd-sourced coin grading for collectors


This is a very exciting project that I have had the good fortune of working on with my friend Chris Crook. Unfortunately I can’t share the source code, but I’ll be sure to update this page with lessons learned as we go along.

Numismastery is an app for coin collecting enthusiasts that will help them practice their grading skills and crowd source grades for coins in their collection. I don’t know much about coin collecting at all, but apparently there is a wide spectrum of grades that are meant to quickly convey information about the relative quality of a particular coin. Furthermore, coins have distinctive variations related to defects in the mold used to the cast the coin, among other quirks.

Numismastery is currently a MEAN app - meaning, it uses an express app with mongodb on the server side, hooked up to an angular app on the frontend.

So far, I’ve helped with some of the basic architecture of the app, while Chris has spent a lot more time getting the angular app working well and figuring out how to use mongoose/mongodb for our needs.

I plan to dig into this project a lot more in the near future, so expect updates soon.

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